The Homestead

20Jeff, The Hubby

He works hard at the day job to support this crazy life! He has a tender heart for the animals and does a lot of heavy lifting. He’s my best friend and this wouldn’t be worth doing without him!


Nicole, Farmer Jane in training

As the wearer of many hats, my favorite is helper. I help my husband run our house and help teach the kids. Its a great job and the life I have been dreaming of!


11Tyler, The Busy One

He has kept me on my toes since birth and is a big sweetheart! His matter of fact view on life is one part hilarious and my polar opposite. He loves all things Minecraft and Legos. He has a big heart for God and is a true first born child who is a big help with the chores! 

23Reese, The Happy One

Reese was born with the disposition of sunshine. She is the first to make a card for someone to get well, invite a shy child to play, and to pray to God to heal the whole world. She loves to be doing an art project or picking out an outfit to wear. She loves animals and hasn’t met an animal that didn’t love her back.

1240433_776733138818_351373587_nMolly, The Faithful LGD

She is a Great Pyrenees born 6/25/13. She is our livestock guardian dog, though at this age she doesn’t do much guarding yet. She had bonded strongly to the family including our kids. She is a  sweet girl and growing like a weed. She still doesn’t understand why the cats don’t want a playmate 5 times their size.

Barn cats

We currently have 1 cat and no barn. Cats are always useful to have around and so much fun for the kids to play with. We hope she will chase mice, but she is more likely to snuggle up with Molly.


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