Our Chicken Adventure Part 2

Our Chicken Adventure Part 2








Last time we saw the chickens, they were on their way to the brooder in the garage. The chickens moved out to the garage to continue growing until they were ready for outside.


phone 1574





phone 1546

phone 1659








We used a rabbit pen with cardboard underneath and pine shavings. Itย works and is mostly disposable, but it is also a huge mess to clean! I can’t wait to build a brooder box that will keep everything a little more contained ๐Ÿ™‚ This phase lastedย until they were about 6 weeks old. The main things we were looking for is for the chickens to be fully feathered and for the overnight temperatures to be above freezing. They couldn’t wait to get outside as they were ready for room to run!

027 062


Here was their first evening in the coop. We kept them inside the coop for three days so they would know that this is their new home and to return here every night. It worked well as we haven’t had a problem tucking them in for the night yet.





This was their first morning on the range. They were very excited to be on this new surface called grass, but spent most of they day staying under and very close to the coop.




The first time we introduced Molly, she did great! She sat right here and made sure all the chickens stayed by the coop. It is amazing to see her instinct in action. We had her on a leash to make sure she didn’t get the urge to chase and play with them. She only tried twice the first day and has been a great guardian ever since! Her electric fence ends about 10 feet behind the fence, so she guards the surrounding area and redirects any lost chickens.


021 019


I took a couple pictures for size that week to see how much they had grown in the brooder. You can see all the pretty colors in the feathers.





This is one the grey chickens. They seem to be one of the bigger breeds so far and look giant by comparison.





The chickens are thoroughly enjoying themselves in the pasture. Thanks for following along!

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My name is Nicole and I am living my dream at By His Grace Acres. I am a Jesus chasing, wife and mom to two homeschooled blessings, journeying to keep my family healthy and eating farm fresh eggs. As with most things, we are jumping in with both feet to homesteading this spring with an ambitious garden and chickens! Join me on our adventure and learn along with me!
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