Our Chicken Adventure!

Our Chicken Adventure


Box full of cuteness

Box full of cuteness

It doesn’t get much more exciting on a homestead then driving to the post office and getting a box full of cuteness! Our chickens arrived on Monday, February 24th which just so happens to be my birthday! What a great present! We ordered 25 chicken of the Rainbow Layer assortment from McMurray Hatchery!




Brand new brooder pic

Brand new brooder pic



We set to work getting their brooder set up and making sure they ate and drank soon. When they hatch, they have enough food in their system for 3 days, which is how they survive shipping. We use a water with electrolytes for the first few days to give them an extra nutritional boost.


Organic Feed


We were able to buy organic feed from our local feed and seed. It has great quality ingredients without medication or byproducts. Only the best for our chicks!




phone 1243

Brand new chicks in their brooder pen



Just another picture of this baby chick cuteness! They don’t stay this fluffy and tiny for very long. We definitely enjoyed it while it lasted!



phone 1284

2 day old chick





This is one of the breeds we called chipmunk for awhile. They were brown with a black stripe down the middle. Reese is holding this two day old chick.




phone 1341

1 week old brooder picture



One week old and they already look so big!!! You may recognize that they are in a rubbermaid tote. We used paper towel over the pine shavings for the first few days until their legs became steady. If young chicks slip, they can develop spraddle leg. It also made cleaning their brooder pen very easy!!



phone 1343

Day 8 grey chick



Here is one of our one week old grey chickens. They are my favorite color! I can’t wait to see what breed they are!





phone 1345

Day 8 yellow and grey chicks


Here is a grey chick and a yellow chick. The rainbow Layer assortment promises 5 different breeds. The colors we noticed were grey, yellow, black, brown, and another variation of grey.





phone 1348

Reese with black chick day 9

phone 1382

Overhead view at day 12




Reese was the chicken whisperer from the moment they came home! Here she is holding one of the black chicks at 9 days old.





Here is a view of how much space the chicks were taking up already! They were ready to move to phase 2 the garage brooder!





Here is a look at the brown “chipmunk” chick at day 12. Her feathers were already coming in with more defined color. Stay tuned for phase 2 the garage brooder!

Day 12 brown chick

Day 12 brown chick









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  1. Love the little chickie pics!

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