Planning your garden Part 2


So after you have done the dreaming, now is where the hard work starts to come in. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Thats right, we get to draw everything on paper (or digitally) and see where everything will go.

I use the square foot gardening method and have found it very productive. I will be using this method again here and making raised beds on the side of my house. To figure out what goes where, I am using a gardening program. It is Plan Your Garden With Plangarden

After measuring my area I was able to choose the right garden size to get started with. I knew that I wanted beds 4′ x 8′ can fit 8 beds while allowing room for my ginko tree.

Garden Screenshot

From here, now its just a matter of selecting the different vegetable we want to plant and assigning them to a spot.


Now we have most of the plan! I am going to keep some areas free for extra plants to make sure that we have enough to harvest and can.

The next part in the series will show you how I start my plants indoors. How are your garden plans coming along?


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About Nicole Jarrett

My name is Nicole and I am living my dream at By His Grace Acres. I am a Jesus chasing, wife and mom to two homeschooled blessings, journeying to keep my family healthy and eating farm fresh eggs. As with most things, we are jumping in with both feet to homesteading this spring with an ambitious garden and chickens! Join me on our adventure and learn along with me!
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